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“…the Delos CD A Lost World is a welcome gift culled from the Schubert mother lode and a nice item to have in one’s collection of vocal rarities.…  with the ever flexible and supportive Brian Zeger at the piano… "









"...Brian Zeger’s accompaniments are first class in every respect."


 “All Who Wander is everything a song recital should be. Delivering both familiar and unfamiliar fare in beguiling interpretations, Barton and Zeger take the listener into the world of each song with deft musicality and emotional sincerity.”



   "At the piano,  Brian Zeger's  colorful, bold contributions are a constant delight,  whether pointing up left-hand melodies, bringing out inner voices, or toying delightfully with the Spanish dance rhythms...

    "For the opening 'Solo las flores sobre ti,' Zeger brings  fresh immediacy to Federico Mompou's sinewy, sensous accompaniment..."







Judith Malafronte

Opera News

"Ben Moore is a particularly eloquent exponent of the art song, noted for the broad and eclectic variety of his thematic applications and poetic sources. Here, in his first album for Delos, he offers three diverse and richly expressive song cycles – hitherto unrecorded – that explore the theme of longing for freedom in diverse ways. Tenor Paul Appleby, soprano Susanna Phillips and baritone Brett Polegato deliver lovely singing and sensitive interpretations, supported to perfection by pianist Brian Zeger."







 "An appealing intimacy...everything here worth hearing..."                                                                                                                                           







 "... a must-have..."

"[V]iolinist Frank Almond and pianist Brian Zeger [are] two artists whose sensitivity and attention to tone are perfectly suited to this program....Zeger's voicing and controlled use of the pedal and dynamics provide a sensual backdrop for Almond's playing, and the two musicians play off one another with delicacy and brilliant technical accuracy. Innova's clean but rich sound quality enhances the detail that Almond and Zeger bring to this highly enjoyable performance."







AllMusic Guide 

"Deborah Voigt's new recital of American art songs is a terrific addition to her recorded legacy, as it reveals a genuine enjoyment of the English language, especially in its American vernacular. The soprano takes a refreshingly hearty, straightforward approach to this repertoire, and pianist Brian Zeger is an assured, stylish partner."







Judith Malafronte

 Opera News

"The disc ends with a short bagatelle for piano, allowing the ensemble's excellent pianist - Brian Zeger, best known as a recital accompanist - a welcome solo turn. This mercurial bagatele, with delicate piano figurations one moment and dizzying repeated riffs the next, is hardly a trifle.

"All in all, an impressive recording of vibrant chamber works."





Anthony Tommasini

The New York Times

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