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Adrianne Pieczonka Sings Strauss and Wagner a “Must-Have”



“Not knowing what to expect of this Lieder CD, Adrianne Pieczonka’s great lyrical-dramatic voice proves that she has met the challenge with no difficulty. At her side on the piano is Brian Zeger, whose utmost care supports this powerful voice with a perfectly controlled vibrato that lends itself with great suppleness to the magic of the words of ‘Rote Rosen’ or ‘Morgen’. Similarly, she launches boldly into the long slender phrases of ‘Belfreit’ or the triumphant high notes of ‘Zueignung’. In the bouquet of melodies by Strauss the great works in the repertoire are paired with lesser known pieces. With Wagner’s Wesendonck-Lieder, her voice becomes darker. She leaves the impression of this beautiful Isolde enveloped in a perfectly portrayed melancholy. No doubt that this young fifty year-old, who has so carefully nurtured her voice over her impeccably directed career, will thrill us in numerous roles in the decade to come. This recording pays homage to the talent of a singer that we know for her embodiment of roles on the stage and that we discover here in a more intimate setting. This is a must-have.”


—Pierre Degott,ResMusica (Review translation by Moira Johnson)


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"An appealing intimacy...everything here is worth hearing...




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